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May 28, 2011
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Atomic Betty by 14-bis Atomic Betty by 14-bis
So , Here is Galactic Ranger Betty Murata .

Oh boy . This is part anime , part cartoon , part retro , part steam punk , part Range Murata , and somehere there ( probably on the small skirt) is part ME , ha ha .
As I said , It looks different from my usual technique ,but an artist always need to try new things .

This one take longer to finish , since I was trying to mimic the style of the great Murata .
And Not pretending I was successful.
for now I just hope I can have achieved a nice look .

I tried to keep betty colors and costume designs ,of her adult version ( on the end of season 2 I guess ) .
The fun part was to invent all those gadgets while I was painting .

No Idea what is that thing on her side belt or wrists.
But , On the center belt there is the Atomic generator that all Rangers have , and gave them their special abilities .

You really dont think she goes to the gelid vacuum space only wearing that mini skirt, without some special protection .

As you noticed on my previews images , I started on a digital sketch , that was very messy , and spent a good time cleaning it .
The colors , and shadings are on a single layer , but I used some color masks to help me isolate the parts on the painting process .

This file is half the resolutiion I worked , just to gave you an idea on how to make some fine details on Photoshop .

So , that's it , enjoy this new Betty .
And if someone see Range Murata out there , tell him I sent my thanks for the inspiration .
Oh , and to the creators of atomic betty cartoon too , ;p
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You never cease to amaze me! Great work!!!!
mastahofdisastah Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i love this. i was alwas a fan of the show and seeing hher in this style is incredible. its gorgeous!
is the best work I've seen of Atomic Betty, is simply spectacular, incredible and amazing. I am very impressed with how beautiful she is. you are a great artist
DeltaSigma-2 Apr 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
What LordBlaze said... omnomnom.
U give her a more grown up and mature look, a realistic way to her, love it reviving old cartoons wish they bring it back thanks.
Beautiful detailing. :)
Love this one! Very Murata-like )))
Ade-rei9 Jul 9, 2011   General Artist
VEry cool. I Loved Complety!!!
maggi-power Jun 30, 2011
I love the shadows, specially in the skin ;P
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